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18 Apps that actually HELP!

From the temptation of social media, to the constant contact provided by smart phones, it can be almost impossible to concentrate. So we've compiled a list of some of our favourite apps and websites to make study life that much easier

Distraction Blockers & Time Management

Self Control: 

This thing is amazing. It’s an app that lets you block any site on all browsers for any period you like. You can adjust the settings to match your needs and goals. I keep it simple and just block Facebook for periods of 3 hours when I really need to get through study.

Cold Turkey:

This one is really similar to Self-Control, and has lots of added functionality and premium versions for those who will do anything to ‘not study’.

30/30 App or Pomodoro

An alarm that goes off every 30 mins and then starts again from the beginning so you can do work in increments. It is a little hard to get the hang of but once you have it is really helpful and interactive because certain finger swipes/taps make it very quick to use.

Languages and Learning


Edrolo will actually test you on the subjects you’re learning, help you identify weaknesses, and train you to fix them. It’s like a personal tutor in your pocket. 


This language learning app tracks your progress as you use flash cards and other useful tools to learn another language. Duolingo is completely free and is fun to use. 

Organisation and Sharing


I use Wunderlist for everything. If you love making lists, and sub-lists and setting digital reminders, this one is for you. I really like the simple interface and how it syncs across multiple devices. 


This one is more focused on note-making, but includes all the functionality that’s in Wunderlist. It’s a bit more complicated to use, but once you get it, it can be your one stop shop for note taking. 

Google calendar & other calendar apps:

If you don’t know about google calendar, then you’ve probably been living under a rock! Use this to create your perfect study timetable, send yourself push notifications to study and set up study groups with friends!


An obvious choice for anyone who needs to share files on a cloud. Once again, an obvious go-to. 

Speed Reading, Watching, Dictation

Zap reader & Reedy:

You copy and paste text you’d like to get through quickly into the reader and push play. ZAP Reader will throw words at you one at a time in quick succession so that you don’t need to move your eyes across the page. You can also control the speed that the words are delivered too.  

There is also a chrome extension called 'Reedy'. You just highlight the text, hit 'alt s' and it throws the words at you in quick succession, you can also change the words per minute.

I Annotate:

Annotate your PDFs on the go so you can take notes and read all on your tablet. 

VLC Media player:

Speed up or slow down videos to your own speed with VLC. You can watch a 1-hour lecture or video in 40 minutes! 

Light and Sound


Flux adjusts the light levels and colour tones of your computer screen to match the time of day. This allows your eyes to adjust naturally so that you’re not staring at bright screens right before bed. 


Noisli allows you to play different types of sounds to help you block out surrounding noise. I like to use this when I’m in a study area where people are talking. It allows me to block them out without distracting myself.

Like Noisli but just the sound of rain. Rain is a very comforting sound and blocks out the sound of brothers and sisters distracting you! 



An app that teaches you how to meditate. I like to use this to de-stress after a busy day and clear my head before exams. 


Another very useful meditation app used by more than 4 million people worldwide!

Got any other useful productivity apps or tech? Comment below and let us know your favourites.

Disclaimer: We have a financial interest in Edrolo, so we thought you should know. We’re not endorsed by any other of these companies and we don’t have any financial interest in them. We simply think they’re great and useful for students

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Sophie Worrow
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